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Познакомлюсь : с женщиной в возрасте 26 - 31 лет в районе Минская обл., Беларусь
Цель знакомства: брак

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О себе

Hello, my name is Gabriel, I was born in the city of Quito, and now I live in the city of Cuenca, I am a Civil Engineer, with a master's degree in Environment, I work in the Drinking Water Company of the city of Cuenca. I am divorced, I am 45 years old, I live in my apartment alone, I like to go out of the city and to know new places, I want to form a home and have a family with children and a wife that I will love and respect until the last day of my life . I am looking for a woman with values and education, whose main axis is the family, that is faithful, beautiful, of good heart, communicative, that is always the support for man. The most important thing is trust as husbands, friends and lovers, it is important to be able to develop our home with a lot of love and affection, and to give a lot of love and education to our children. I like Christmas parties, the beach, summer, mountains, and many other things.

Личные данные

Семейное положение: разведен
Наличие детей: 3
Этнический тип: латино
Образование: высшее
Специализация: физика / машиностроение
Материальное положение: среднее

Проживание: в своей квартире

Внешний вид

Вес: 76 кг
Рост: 169 см
Я выгляжу: хорошо
Телосложение: обычное
Цвет кожи: светлый
Цвет глаз: серые
Длина волос: короткие
Тип волос: прямые
Цвет волос: черные

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Знание языков: русский

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