Mario Marcel,,61
Линц, Австрия
был давно
Вы уверены что хотите убрать свой "лайк"? Учтите, что, если у вас была взаимная симпатия, она пропадет


Познакомлюсь : с женщиной в возрасте 28 - 42 лет в районе Молдова
Цель знакомства: любовь, брак, встреча

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Let's just say: I am not a bum, well
situated, maintained, communicative and I like
Funny thing. Much did to business
to do so a binding usually problematic
Routine (also sexually) is a NoGo. Offer
You what, can I get you something... :-) To call you
I'm wondering about. If you some of me
want to know ask specifically. Will writing
I is not much - text patient. Personal
get and I give targeted impressions.
Search not binding, nevertheless the special.
Search still fakes no no freaks,
Contacts that hIrnwixen only on the Web. Looking for a
Woman who shows courage, wants to be real or even
It is clear to play. But just real: -.
) Well, I think it's certainly special
enough, you should let you find... At
Sympathy and mutual consent
is more not (never) completely

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